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The Perfect Cushion For Your Home Office

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The Perfect Cushion For Your Home Office

Everyone is working from home these days or becoming homeschool teachers!

While there are many benefits of having a home-office and being with your family, for most of us this means we are sitting at our desks a lot more often than we used to. This can be hard on your bottom half!

We have just the thing to add extra support and cushion to your work day- the LuxSleep™Hex Cushion!

You will feel as if you are sitting amongst the clouds.

This magical cushion is also ideal for on the go when driving to pick up groceries or run errands around town.

Let’s talk about all the reasons why chiropractors recommend our amazing Hex Cushion!

Let us help you take the pressure off. 

What is this little blue cushion, you ask?

Our LuxSleep™ experts have spent years of research to create the best all-in-one cushion to eliminate back pain, poor posture, discomfort and stiffness, and lack of energy.


LushDream™ Hex Cushion


The LuxSleep™ Hex Cushion will allow you go throughout your day without back pain thanks to the unique ergonomic and practical cushion design which supports your back and provides necessary circulation and spinal alignment to relieve pressure.

Did you know that sitting for long periods of time can lead to an array of health problems?

This is true for adults and children alike!

Sitting down for extended periods of time has been linked to a large number of health concerns.

Lower back and spine problems are all too common! Raise your hand if your back hurts. Odds are, you raised yours.

Sitting for long periods of time without proper support puts enormous pressure on our lower back which often leads to muscle stiffness and irritating long-lasting pain.

LushDream™ Hex Cushion

The LuxSleep™ Hex Cushion is a gel seat cushion that is made to enhance circulation for long hours.

The comfortable gel pockets were thoughtfully designed to ensure pressure releasing support for your hips, tail bone, lower back, spine, and glutes.

You work hard enough, and your back shouldn’t have to pay for it!

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Our Hex Cushion has the power to relieve pain, provide necessary support, better align the spine, and boost your energyand stamina.


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