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LushDream™ Love Pillow

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Longer Cuddling Equals Lasting Intimacy!

The Love Pillow's revolutionary ergonomic design prevents the weight of your head or your cuddle partner's head from squashing your arm. Now your arm won't fall asleep or go numb. Snuggle comfortably while fall into a deep sleep or you binge-watch your favourite new Netflix show.

The Science of Cuddling

The touch and skin-to-skin contact we get while cuddling releases the feel-good "love" hormone. 

According to experts on marital stability, cuddling is no.1 on the 13 things that couples with great sex lives do.

Studies have proven that the connection and closeness that comes from cuddling fuels better and more satisfying sex.

The Love Pillow’s Essential Features

Protect Your Arms:

The unique hollow design at the bottom of the pillow prevents numbness in the arms during sleep.

Improved Sleep Quality:

Using high-quality materials and padded cotton, a comfortable touch can relax your body and mind.

Ease Neck, Shoulder and Back Pain:

The gentle, contoured slope of these pillows supports the neck and shoulders and may help alleviate any tension or stiffness in the spinal column by promoting proper spinal alignment.

Smart & Love-able:

Improves circulation for side sleepers, the pillow will feel softer in warm temperatures and firmer in cold temperatures. The pillow will also react to your body’s heat by yielding and softening throughout the night.

100% Eco Friendly Materials

  • The pillow fabric is made of natural cotton that protects the pillow from dust mites, pet dander, and more
  • Inner foam is made of polyurethane slow rebound memory cotton 


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